Musings of a First Time Dad

Recently my mom had her three-year-old grandson peeling hard boiled eggs for Kaleb and Kacipotato salad.  He soon told her, “Me no like,” to which mom asked how he does like his eggs.  Without missing a beat, Aiden replied, “With bacon!” This led to a discussion on the need to record what kids say.  Because three-month-old Kaci hasn’t given us much to write down yet, I’ve started recording a few of her dad’s sayings.

Kaleb’s first dad quip came on the way to the hospital.  We had been to Northern Rockies in Cut Bank and received word that yes, a baby was on the way and that now would be the time to head to Great Falls for a delivery.  With bags loaded in the car and PB&J sandwiches made, we were on our way!  We had made it about ten miles down the road when Kaleb looked over at me and asked, “Do you want to stop at the Dash Inn on our way?”  I explained we might have to skip the milkshakes and keep driving this time!

As we left the hospital with brand new baby in tow, I asked Kaleb if anything had surprised him throughout the process.  “Well, I thought there would be more of an inspection or something before we left,” Kaleb said.  It was becoming apparent that we were solely responsible for this tiny baby, despite our minimal parenting credentials.

Six days post new baby, I felt fairly accomplished to have made chicken and rice for dinner.  Kaleb came home, looked at it, and said, “This looks really good and all, but when are we going to eat some of those casseroles out of the freezer?”

As we watched our tiny daughter’s body be consumed with hiccups, we pondered if they hurt and how long they’d last.  “Well, if they’re like human hiccups…” Kaleb mused.  I reminded him that we had indeed brought a human home from the hospital!

By day 18 we were at a loss of how to stop the fussing and crying that seemed to happen every evening from this inconsolable newborn.  Finally, Kaleb looked over and said, “Should I get her some pots and pans to play with?”  I explained that while I didn’t have much for answers, I was pretty sure the pots and pans stage come a little late in life than day 18!

Despite our naivety as parents, the Lord has proven faithful, showered us with grace, and allowed us to keep this tiny human alive for nearly three months now!  There is no one I would rather be on this parenting journey with than Kaleb.  When I was overwhelmed after a day of a crying baby, Kaleb would come home, take Kaci, and send me out for a walk saying, “I got this.”  When the dishes are still piled in the sink, Kaleb washes them without complaint.  When I purchased a Taking Cara Babies sleep course, Kaleb faithfully watched it as well rather than scoffing at the concept.  Many, many nights its Kaleb who grills dinner while I feed Kaci or put her to bed.  Kaleb models sacrificial love daily and is a wonderful partner in this endeavor.  Happy Father’s Day, Kaleb!

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