Ten Things I love about America Today

This Veteran’s Day, I am so grateful for those who’ve defended America.  I’m grateful for the men and women who’ve scarified their dreams, their family life, their emotions, and for some, their lives, so that I could experience life in America as I know it.  To our veterans and to their families on the home-front, thank you for defending our country.  There’s no place I’d rather live, thank you for defending the United States of America.

Here’s 10 Things I Love about America Today:

  1. Freedom.  The freedom to worship God and gather together for prayer, the freedom of press, the freedom to travel freely within the country – daily I take for granted so many freedoms that others only dream of.
  2. Education.  I grew up with wonderful, creative, committed teachers who encouraged and inspired me.  There are many countries where girls do not have the privilege of education, but in America, I had an equal playing field that encouraged learning and doing my best.
  3. Democracy – It is a privilege that I can participate in government, that I have the right to vote, and that I have the ability to participate in the democratic process.
  4. Beauty – Snow capped Rocky Mountains, amber waves of golden wheat at harvest time, green grass in the Sandhills at springtime, America is a gorgeous, gorgeous place to call home.
  5. Natural Resources – Whether it be timber, coal, oil, gas, grass, or water, our nation is rich with resources.
  6. Agriculture – The bounty that this nation produces is phenomenal.  Whether its summer’s ripe cherries from Montana’s Flathead Valley, juicy sweet corn from Nebraska, succulent Florida oranges, or Washington’s gorgeous apples, I’m blessed by our nation’s productivity.  From coast to coast, we produce some of the best beef, pecans, rice, fruit, and wheat in the world.
  7. Ingenuity – Baseball, the internet, Google… America has consistently been the master of invention.
  8. Infrastructure and services – Hot and clean running water, electricity on demand, good roads, healthcare readily available, and first responders who continually put their lives on the line to protect us are all blessings of this nation.
  9. Opportunity – There is no limits to what can be accomplished in America.  Are there challenges?  Yes.  Is it perfect?  No, it’s certainly not, but I still believe America is the land of opportunity!
  10. The people – I have been blessed to know some of the most generous, kind, and caring folks as fellow citizens of this country.  When a neighbor is in need, our community comes together to raise money, bring meals, pray together, and encourage one another.

Thank you, veterans, I’m grateful that I get to enjoy all this!


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