Don’t give Trump so much credit, America

In less than 24 hours since Donald Trump has been named the President-elect of the greatest nation on this earth, it’s become apparent he’s being given far more credit than he’s due.  There’s anguished cries of, ‘How will my children grow up knowing not to discriminate?’ or, ‘How can I look my daughter in the eye and tell her she has purpose?’  Really?  Really, America?  You have given Donald Trump, a mere mortal man, far more credit than he deserves, especially considering the man hasn’t even taken office yet.  Trump does not have the power to mold our families, that is our flat-out our responsibility.

Your children will learn to love or hate, be respectful or disrespectful, wise or foolish, not by the character of the family in the White House, but by the family in their house.  May I submit to you that your sons and daughters will be far, far more influenced by their teachers, coaches, 4-H, FFA, Scouts or church group leaders than they will a man on TV.  I don’t feel my character was molded by the Bush, Clinton, or Obama families, but I did learn perseverance from my Dad, work ethic from my Mom, and to do my best (and then redo it) from my sister.  My college bible study leaders modeled to me how to seek God and my husband leads me in prayer.

Should those in the public spotlight conduct themselves in a honorable fashion with utmost integrity?  Absolutely.  However, it is not the responsibility of Miss America, the NFL, or the President, to set the example of moral conduct.  It is not the government’s responsibility to ensure American children have a good example.  It is our responsibility, as American citizens, to ensure that we lead our youth in showing what is right and good and honorable and true.  One good, God-fearing, America respecting football coach can do far more to shape the hearts and minds of teenage boys than Colin Kapernick.  If we want to make a difference, let’s stop worrying about Trump’s moral example and take an active role in our classrooms, churches, youth groups, sports team, 4-H and FFA.

Secondly, it is only a lie that one man in Washington can determine another person’s value or worth.  If you’re living and breathing, you have a purpose.  Case closed.  God fearfully and wonderfully made each one of us, and then continues to work in us for His good pleasure!  If I ever, ever seek another man or woman’s approval or affirmation to find purpose in my life, I will be sorely disappointed.  It does not matter if that individual is a supervisor, friend, husband, or the President himself, no one can provide me with purpose outside of the Lord.

Friends and fellow Americans, “Your success as a family… our success as a nation… depends not on what happens inside the White House, but on what happens inside your house.”  I pray these wise words of Barbara Bush should resonate with us, our nation has always and will always depend on the moral fiber of our families, nothing more, nothing less.  God bless, America, and America, bless God!

127 thoughts on “Don’t give Trump so much credit, America

  1. I totally agree! What WE, as PARENTS, teach our children in our own homes and our own lives they will carry with them and mold who they will be as adults more than anyone else in the world! Their little eyes are always on us ! They are always watching what Mammy and Daddy are doing, and how Mommy and Daddy are acting , they could care less about anybody else!

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  2. Some Americans experienced racism or sexism for the first time this week as fellow community members felt empowered to conduct hateful acts under the Trump name. Even if those that experienced hate this week are comforted by a loving family and taught how to respond with peace and love, they still experienced a horribly painful act that may not have occurred had Trump not incited and silently condoned that type of behavior. The idea to teach our children well is critically important but what is sad is that for many families this week teaching lessons of love in the face of neighbors and community member lashing out became a lot harder. Not only do we need to teach love in our home but we need to look for hate in our community and stand up against it to stamp it out.

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  3. Look at Trump’s children. Smart, compassionate, polite. He is a good man. George Soros pays a few agitators and the thugs have fun tearing down people and property. I am thankful we will soon have laws respected again and the police will be supported again.

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  4. The problem is that we live in a world that is outside of the home. Right after the election, Muslim women were attacked and verbally abused on streets, and in schools around the U.S. Swastikas were appearing on walls, cars, benches, and sidewalks around the country. I don’t care how well you teach your child at home, when they close their front door, they enter a real world that is at best, unfriendly. When someone is attacking you because he or she doesn’t like what you’re wearing, or the color of your skin, there’s not much your family or God can do for you at that moment.
    When one man, especially one who is chosen to be the ‘leader of the free world’ spends months insulting women, minorities, and sacred institutions that this country is founded on, it’s difficult to find solace in the family structure.

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  6. I believe the fear for our daughters (at least among people I have talked to) is how to instill enough confidence in them in a society where even our president ONLY sees value in their appearance. When he disagrees with them he immediately goes to calling them pigs or ugly, like they are worth nothing if not attractive. Where bragging about sexual assault is dismissed as “locker room talk”. And so far as many hate crimes have been committed against women, Muslims, and Mexicans (whether citizens or documented or undocumented), and our President-elect has condemned none of it. If he were put there saying we all need to treat each other with care and respect there would be a lot less fear of the president. It’s not necessarily Trump, but the followers of his who are filled with hate. Also I realize the majority of Trump supporters are not hateful.

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  7. Please. This is ridiculous. A waste of my time. People, namely you, need to get over this ludicrous mentality and behavior. There is nothing bad going to happen besides a better future. Look at how the liberals are rioting and tearing up their own cities! Who has shown hate and violence this whole election? Not the Conservative Republicans or the Independents doing anything wrong, just having to put up with the barbaric and belligerent democrats. And another thing when you say the junk you posted here in your so called “blog” to your children, it is you that are putting fear in them, not President Trump…YOU!

    P.S. Find something constructive to do with your life other than causing bull fertilizer.

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    • Joe, I’m not sure how much you read of the post, but I did not say that I personally believe bad is going to happen. My point was to those naysayers, that this is America, and this nation will be what we, as citizens, make of it.

      I am not fearful, for I believe the Lord governs all things. I apologize if I came across differently in the post.

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  8. Be not deceived GOD is not mocked. He who soweth unto the flesh shall reap the flesh but he
    who soweth unto the SPIRIT shall reap eternal life. GOD WILL BE THE FINAL JUDGE.


  9. I’m just concerned because having Trump as President less than a week and I’ve already heard of 5 separate racist incidents from different people. One group of men tried to intimidate a black man at a gas station throwing around the word Nigger. He feared for his life and used his second amendment right to defend himself. Another woman heard from a neighbor, “You’re still here?” because she’s Mexican(legal and American, not that it matters). Another heard “Go back to Africa!”. This is not coincidence. His rhetoric has emboldened the racists in this country. I’m not saying all of his supporters racists but those that are think it’s OK to intimidate people note that he’s been elected president.

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  10. So True……..we the people is what makes America not one man. God needs to be God of this nation. He is the Way the Truth & the Life. We need to PRAY for our President-elect Donald J. Trump to have a Heart after God’s own Heart. To build our Nation with Godliness, Holiness & Righteousness………To Love, Love, Love one another………..

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  11. As parents it is our duty to teach our children In the way they should go. I see more than enough people who want the public to teach their children so they don’t have to. That is what is wrong with today’s children. I taught my children the right way and I didn’t worry about the people like presidents, teachers, or whoever else. I taught my kids you will see a lot of people doing things they shouldn’t but they know what was drilled into their head at home. Good grief if you rely on the government to raise your children. Shame on you as a parent

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  12. Then why is there so much distracted driving? Why have psychologist connect violence in video games with the increase in violence in society? If the parent, church, and teachers have so much influence, why isn’t the job being done? Why are teachers fearful of correcting students? Why are folks walking past crimes and not assisting police? Why can’t the kids play outside in many neighborhoods? Watch out for the following words…traitor….cancer in descriptors of society. They will tell you the influence of the White House, congress and the Supreme Court on the American society. I hope to never hear these words out of the political estate. I am not very positive about our future now.

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  13. “Its not the responsibility of the president to set the example of moral conduct”?! Are you kidding me?! I get not taking athletes and pop stars serious as role models, but the president is literally called the LEADER of the free world. He is the face and voice of the american people. He is our proxy to the rest of the world. How can he not be a role model?! This is nonsense and an obvious attempt to gloss over all of Trumps past discrepancies and disqualifications

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    • I completely agree that the president should conduct themselves with utmost integrity, and we’ve had some phenomenal presidents do just that through the years. My point was, we are not helpless to raise kids right, because of who the president is or isn’t.

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    • Absolutely spot-on. Not a chance in the world I’m OK with “not giving him that much credit” or “rallying to support” him. A racist, xenophobic bigot doesn’t deserve my support and darn sure isn’t getting my respect.

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  14. And you think Hitlery was the person to show our children HER values? Seriously? A woman fired from the Watergate Investigation for being a compulsive liar and being morally corrupt? A woman who willingly participated in a serious case of what is known as insider trading with the White Water deal when Bill was still governor of Arkansas. Where the only reason she and Bill weren’t charged was because everyone with any knowledge of it conveniently died so there were no witnesses? And how about her outright blatant lie to the American people that Benghazi was the result of a demonstration over a video? Oh and let us not forget, she erased 30,000 emails after she was called to testify before congress and turn over ALL emails? The fact that she lied to Congress (federal offense) about said emails. If you, I, or any other citizen were caught lying to Congress we would already be behind bars. You think Trump is worse than Hitlery? Give me a freaking break! Not even close!

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    • Lyle, I absolutely do not think that. This post was directed to the naysayers that are so critical of Trump before he’s even taken office. It’s a reminder that WE the people, can shape our communities. I appreciate your perspective, and am sorry if I came across that way.


  15. I think that the American people are so thrilled to get the amateur out of office who lacks integrity, honesty,values and principles. It is so refreshing to think that we are going to have a man with a vision and will try to unite us instead of divide us like Barack Obama did. A man that wants to find jobs for the American people instead creating a nanny State and throw out the political correctness that has stifling us as much as unemployment and spreading the Wealth. Author Stanley Kurtz, In his compelling new book “Spreading the Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Pay For The Cities” Kurtz lays it all out for the American people in a logical, straightforward and easy-to-understand presentation. If you are an affluent, college-educated suburban voter you especially have cause for concern. Likewise, if you reside in rural areas your life could change dramatically as well. The dirty little secret is that Obama’s “regionalist” agenda is a direct attack on a large segment of his own middle-class supporters. Believe me when I tell you that this is a book that Obama and his minions definitely do not want you to read. And all his dirty minions that are out protesting Donald Trump should be locked up, the law should have a written History and file for each and every one and the ones that do not belong here should be put on the next plane and dropped off in the deepest, darkest Jungle from whence they came and let them find their way out. !!!!!

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  16. Dear Debbie,
    I am wondering if you actually thought Hillary Clinton was going to save our country. Neither are people we admire but I personally could not vote for a person who wanted to allow abortions up to the last trimester. So yes we need to teach our children and follow God first and be a good citizen for our country 2nd.

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  17. I think a lot of people have missed the point, and need to re-read the article a few times. This isn’t implying that it doesn’t matter what Trump does, or what people do in his name, because you can just comfort your kids at home. It’s about having the responsibility, as parents, to raise good children (who become good adults) who won’t be hateful to others –regardless of whether the president is a saint or a complete racist. If I raise my kids right, they will love others and share the love of God to everyone. The author didn’t say Trump is perfect, or that no problems exist! But if people are being hateful, or even abusive, “in Trump’s name” there was a problem with their character to begin with. A foundation problem. And we need to raise children with better character than that. Trump may be a moron, but he doesn’t dictate your child’s character or the foundation of who they are.

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